Minggu, 14 September 2014

Anonymous's Wishes

May each day in the week be a good day
May the Lord always watch over you
And may all of your hope turn to wishes
And may all of your wishes come true

May each day in the month be a good day
May you make friends with each one you meet
And may all of your daydreams be memories
And may all your memories be sweet

The weeks turn to months
And the months into years
There'll be sadness and joy
There'll be laughter and tears
One thing I pray to Heaven above
May each of your day..be a day full of love

I know everything happens for a reason,  but sometimes I wish I knew what that reason was...

Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

Marhaban ya Ramadhan

As the mountain high,
You move without sigh;
like the white linen flair,
Purity is always an affair;
As sunshine creates morning glory,
fragrance fills years as flory;
with the immaculate eternal smile,
attached to you mile after mile;
All darkness is far away,
As light is on its way;
Now the hunt for blessing began, 
Marhaban ya Ramadhan!