Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2015

Only Time

Being in love is like flying
It is dangerous, and yet it is exciting
When you're high up, you forget the world
But the tremendous pain, if you ever fall

I have been there buried deep in 
When I thought he was my everything
I once soared with the dreams
Dreamed that life belonged to me and him

Little did I know, the views were just mist
When sunrise set in, it all vanished
Questions left unanswered in my mind
Why he even started if I wasn't his kind?

Sad melodies became my remedy 
As loneliness has taken over me
I have drowned in my own sorrow 
As if there was no hope for tomorrow 

The truth is my dear, only time can heal
Believe me I know how it feels
Hush now sweetheart, dry up your tears
Just take a step forward, there's nothing to fear


It is okay if you still miss him,
I do too every now and then

Ps, thank you for reading my poems. This time, I wrote one specially for you. It might not be the best poem, but I do hope that it'd give you something, even the slightest joy. And you know who you are, sweetie. Cheer up! :-)

Jumat, 10 Juli 2015

Kamis, 02 Juli 2015


Ingin kenal lebih dekat chatter dan operator #bandung ICQ?
Yuk ikutan #BANDUNG ICQ MEET 2015 yang diadakan di SEMARANG pada tanggal 10- 11 Oktober 2015.

Meeting Point: Semarang (pukul 08.00)

Day 1: Breakfast
           City Tour Semarang (Ronggowarsito-Lawang Sewu-Kota Lama)
           Lunch Break
           Lanjutan City Tour Semarang (Masjid Agung Semarang)
           Camping di Pantai Bondo, Jepara (Api Unggun, Dinner, Meet and Greet, Games, dll.)

Day 2: Breakfast
           Explore Jepara (Pusat Ukir, Pusat Tenun, Pusat Kerajinan Monel)
           Lunch Break
           Back to Semarang

Fasilitas: Transportasi (Mobil)
                 Meals dan Snack
                 Harga Tiket Masuk

Fee: Rp. 297,000 (transfer ke Bank Danamon cabang Gayam Sari Semarang di no. rek. 3571645047 a/n Dian Eka Lestari)

Info dan Reservasi:            Drew (+628126051671)
                                              Kathrin (+6285727743992)
                                              Aldifa (+628995768000)

Jumat, 26 Juni 2015

Finding Deffa

Mungkinkah Deffa di dalam lubang?

Atau sembunyi di balik indah bulu Sang Cendrawasih?

Coba tanya Lutung... "Lu tau nggak Tung Deffa di mane?"

Harimau Tutul ikut mencari

Ups, mungkinkah di dalam perut buaya?

Eh, ada perahu. Sepertinya nggak ada yang punya, pake ah :D

Moga saja tak hanyut di sungai